Our Mission:


We help victims of domestic violence find hope and freedom.


What we do

Para Ti Mujer is a multi-cultural, non-profit organization reaching out to disenfranchised women and their families in Denver, Kansas and around the world.  Para Ti Mujer connects women with resources, education, and life changing programs to break the bondage of abuse, addiction and poverty.

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Our Impact

Since our inception in 2012, Para Ti Mujer has had an incredible impact in the poorest neighborhoods of Colorado and Kansas. Para Ti Mujer has connected women with legal help, counseling, hunger relief, rent assistance and more. We have offered training and classes to help break women and children free from abusive situations and addictions.




We have helped over 2500 women with rent assistance, hunger relief, counseling and legal help. But providing these services is just a start! Para Ti Mujer helps break the cycle through education.



Years Serving communities

Para Ti Mujer has been serving communities in Denver and Kansas since 2012.




Para Ti Mujer provides education to help women find freedom. We provided group sessions with qualified instructors, and offer classes on addiction, abuse and recovery.


Our Programs

Para Ti Mujer helps seeks to connect women and children with services, and to provide educational opportunities to break the cycle of abuse.



Para Ti Mujer offers various classes to help women in their recovery journey. Abuse is devastating, and often times women feel trapped due to fear. We seek to provide women with the knowledge necessary to begin the healing process.


We offer counseling services at little or no cost to the individual. Through partnerships with several counselors, we seek to help women and children in their journey, and to provide quality therapy to those who would otherwise not have access to such services.


Para Ti Mujer contracts with lawyers to provide legal assistance (including immigration assistance) at reduced or no cost. Often times women are afraid to report domestic violence to the authorities due to their legal status.


Often times, leaving an abusive situation leaves women without food, shelter and clothing. We offer several resources to women to find clothing, to assist with rent and utilities and provide food for the family.



When I reached out to Para Ti Mujer, I was paralyzed by fear. Para Ti Mujer connected with spiritual help, and helped me get my visa. Through their help my fears are gone. I now want to help other women going through the same circumstances.

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Get Involved

We are always looking for passionate people to join us! Whether you want to contribute to our work financially, or volunteer with us, we need you.



Do you know someone needing help? Let us know and we will reach out. Sometimes people need a nudge, and we promise we will reach out in a respectful, unobtrusive manner.

Volunteer opportunities

Do you have skills you would like to share? We need translators, designers, coaches, counselors, lawyers. Whatever your skills are, chances are we have a place for you!

Make a Donation

Much of what we do requires funding. We try to maximize every donation, but food, rent assistance, and subsidizing payments to lawyers and counselors requires your generous financial support.